Advice | October 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of October

Steak. Drones. Man chairs. Let’s review.

By The Editors

The 9 Scariest Rooms in America
When you’re a grown-ass man, hell can, at times, seem like where you live. Ebola paranoia, that godawful Iggy Azalea song, more Ebola paranoia. With those daily frustrations in mind, we present The InsideHook House of Horrors. Check it out.

Open Mouth. Insert Steak.
This NY-based family of “meat connoisseurs” has been a longtime supplier of the wet- and dry-aged prime USDA Angus beef for the likes of Peter Luger’s, Keen’s and Wolfgang’s. And now, they’re offering the same meats to you. Check it out.

The Truth About Ebola, 3-Boobed Women
Emergent is a “real-time rumor tracker.” The site’s mission: debunk sketchy online hearsay. As in, the stuff your friends endlessly share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. regarding North Korea, Ebola, ISIS and the like. Check it out

These Are the Drones You’re Looking For
Designed for hobbyists, weekend warriors, filmmakers and the like, the user-friendly PlexiDrone is about the size of a lunchbox. Comes with its own hardshell backpack. Takes about one minute to snap together; no tools necessary. Check it out.

Masculine. Damn Masculine.
Heavy-duty gauge steel. Five-ton screw mechanisms. Industrial crank wheels. We’re talking man furniture, dude. Meet the extremely rugged, exceedingly handsome wares of Vintage Industrial, now taking orders. Check it out.

These Sneakers: Dammmmmnnn.
The sneaker. The shoe formerly known as casual. Now: actually kinda fancy. Looks great, casual or formal. And feels comfortable either way. Six churched-up kicks, now available. Check it out.