Advice | May 28, 2015 9:00 am

Best Of May

Patios, cabins and yacht racing. Let's review.

By The Editors

You. An America’s Cup Yacht. Go.
The dream: you and your best Zissou-ian crew barrelling down the lake in a bona fide America’s Cup yacht. Thankfully, Next Level Sailing makes that dream possible. What could go wrong? Check it out.

The Future of Cabins Is Now
Now available for your summer gallivanting: Escape  a gorgeous cabin that comes to you. It’s basically a getaway on wheels, and you can try it out for a weekend at Wisconsin couples-only resort Canoe Bay. Check it out.

The Watch Burnham Would’ve Built
New hometown watch company Oak & Oscar just dropped their first timepiece inspired by Daniel Burnham, and it’s an absolute stunner. Make no little plans, indeed. Check it out.

5 Things That Belong On a Man’s Patio
Man goes to his backyard to entertain and relax. With summer in full swing, we round up five essentials to help you do just that. There’s a grill. Leather cooler. Cornhole. Time to mow the lawn. Check it out.

Best. Food month. Ever.
Chicago just had one of the best food months in recent memory. We went ahead and collected the best food and drink openings for you with this month’s edition of Table Stakes. Check it out.