Advice | March 28, 2014 9:00 am

Best of March

Steve Niedorf
By The Editors

Classified as a “park model RV,” this handcrafted country cottage is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “celebrated attention to detail and appreciation of nature.” Not your typical double-wide. Check it out.

A wildly innovative custom bike garage based in Singapore and Saigon, B9 (motto: “We’re pirates, not sailors”) builds high-concept, muscular bikes. Like kinetic sculptures on the road. Check it out.

NC17The Best NC-17 Films
In honor of Lars Von Trier’s button-pusher Nymphomaniac, we present the 17 best NC-17 films. And it’s not all skin flutes and flesh tacos. These flicks contain real-life, uncomfy emotions. Check it out.

Cobbler UnionCobbler Union
Goodyear-welted dress kicks at about 60% off. And CU isn’t skimping on details: Natural calfskin leather. Closed channel stitching. Fiddleback beveled waist. Clean, elegant lines. 
Check it out.

Crafted by a Spanish telecom firm, a small army of cryptographers and one ex-Navy SEAL, the Blackphone is essentially a ready-to-go Android phone with an NSA-resistant backbone. Check it out.

And from our Beach, Style and Basketball department …

Style guideSpring Style Issue
Every spring, we men get to throw off the woolen yoke of outerwear and wear some muthaf^%*in shorts. Simplify. Relax. Here’s your guide to all that: The InsideHook Spring Style Issue, dropped yesterday.

Best BeachesThe 10 Best Beaches for Spring Travel
Fellas, allow us to present a modus operandi for picking your first spring getaway. Before you go off half-cocked and book that all-inclusive getaway for two to Atlantis, consult InsideHook’s beach guide.

BasketballThe 16 Best Basketball Films
Slap hands! The brackets have arrived. And with them, passionate arguments. So in that spirit, we offer Street Sixteen: the best basketball court dialogue scenes (from non-basketball movies*). Check it out.