Advice | June 27, 2014 9:00 am

Best of June

By The Editors

Dinner Plan Guidebook IV
We’ve collected LA’s best restaurants into this, our fourth Dinner Plan Guidebook. Inside: plans for dining with your lady, chowing down with your pals or running the ol’ couples date in every neighborhood from Pasadena to Hermosa Beach.

The Cure
Two things you can count on in summertime: lots of travel, lots of day drinking. As in: fatigue and katzenjammers. To recover quickly, call The Cure LA, a newly launched super-serum treatment that comes directly to your bed.

Where To Take Her
Because every man needs a plan, and some of us need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman’s most pressing lifestyle questions. This go-round: Beaches. Sally forth.

The Chinatown Trip
No movie captures the noir-and-sunshine surreality of the City of Angels like Chinatown. So in honor of that movie’s 40th anniversary, we’ve created The Chinatown Trip: a curated series of hikes, bikes, dines (and more) inspired by the movie.

Zero to Sixty in 4.2 Seconds | Partner
Here’s our new favorite reason to visit Sonoma: the Audi sportscar experience, now taking registrations from any man plucky enough to pilot a 430-horsepower R8 around 2.52 miles of racetrack. Book today.

And from our Dads and Cads Dept …

Fatherhood Survey Results
We recently asked the fathers among you to tell us about your experiences as the paterfamilias. Gentlemen, we’re happy to report that the American dad is alive and well. See exactly how he’s faring in our State of the American Dad survey results.

Hater’s Guide to the World Cup
The World Cup is played for pride. And where a man’s pride is on the line, there is desperation. Desperation compels a man to do uncouth things on a soccer pitch. On that note, meet The Seven (Most Likely) Villains of the World Cup.

Tom Cruise Is Such a …
Tom Cruise tends to play assholes. Charlie Babbitt. Frank T.J. Mackey. Lestat. The dude’s a smithy of the a-hole arts. So to celebrate the release of his newest film, Edge of Tomorrow, we present The Tom Cruise Scale of A-hole-ish-ness.