Advice | June 27, 2014 9:00 am

Best of June

By The Editors

You Need To See This Train
There’s nothing like traveling by rail, especially if it’s with Pullman Rail Journeys, the Chicago-based company bringing back the golden age of train travel. Its new service to New York launches soon. All aboard. Check it out.

How A Man’s Home Should Look
A man’s home should be inviting. One way to ensure that: the lighting. And this is where you’ll find it: LitUp, the manly den of refurbished lighting fixtures built from vintage materials. Think one-of-a-kind industrial pieces. Check it out.

This Is Your Date Night
Our summer theater pick? The pre-Broadway run of This Is Our Youth, starring Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin. We went ahead and made it a date night for you. Don’t sleep on this; tickets are nearly sold out. Check it out.

Stiff Drinks and Vintage Playboys
Ready to carouse over some funky tunes and a few boilermakers? We’ve got just the spot. It’s a classy, have-a-damn-good time den called Henry’s Swing Club, now open in River North. Check it out.

Chicago Suits. Get Some. | Partner
Premium men’s clothier Trunk Club is upping the ante with a custom clothing program. Because if you aspire to break every neck in town, you need some custom in your repertoire. Visit them in River North today.

And from our Dads and Cads Department …

Fatherhood Survey Results
We recently asked the fathers among you to tell us about your experiences as the paterfamilias. Gentlemen, we’re happy to report that the American dad is alive and well. See exactly how he’s faring in our State of the American Dad survey results.

Hater’s Guide to the World Cup
The World Cup is played for pride. And where a man’s pride is on the line, there is desperation. Desperation compels a man to do uncouth things on a soccer pitch. On that note, meet The Seven (Most Likely) Villains of the World Cup.

Tom Cruise Is Such a …
Tom Cruise tends to play assholes. Charlie Babbitt. Frank T.J. Mackey. Lestat. The dude’s a smithy of the a-hole arts. So to celebrate the release of his newest film, Edge of Tomorrow, we present The Tom Cruise Scale of A-hole-ish-ness.