Advice | July 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of July

By The Editors

Farm-to-Table Nudity
Finch Linden is a local photographer who’s out to take the self portrait up a notch with her new book Fifty Two, a year’s worth of nude selfies — one for each week of 2013. Yeah, it’ll look good on your coffee table. Check it out.

Here’s Your Kaiju Emergency Kit
When the big one comes (be it earthquake or Godzilla attack), a little preparation will go a long way toward saving your ass. This go-bag has everything you’ll need to weather a few nights of the worst. Check it out.

Date Night: FTW
In the interest of leveling up your date night game, we’ve compiled a stack of plans — walkable and rife with venue changes. Freeing you up to make with the small talk. Top Chefs and off-menus await. Check it out.

These Shoes Were Made for Grilling
Built with the techniques of boot factories in WWII-era Europe with salvaged Slovakian machinery, Chrome’s new forged rubber sneakers can stand up to anything you throw at them. Looks are a bonus. Check it out.

These Are Your Summer Jeans
Jack/Knife is one of those companies that takes an idea like handmade in America and doubles down — the owners do 100% of the labor themselves. The hard work shows in their newly issued linen jeans. Check it out.