Advice | July 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of July

By The Editors

This Is How You Date
You’ve got a date. You need a plan. Luckily, we’ve got seven of them in our first Dinner Plan Guide. Three-step night-out blueprints include everything from stand-up paddleboards to boobie moon-bounces. Yes, you read that right. Check it out.

Chilling Upstate For Dummies
Don’t get us wrong, the beach is great. But before summer’s end, you’ll want an Upstate change of pace. Do it at The Graham & Co., a laid-back Catskills lodge of cozy rooms, spring-fed pools and outdoor flicks. Check it out.

Secret Guerilla Dinner Parties
They’re called Place Invaders. They rent awesome apartments across the city (from brownstones to penthouses) and throw dinner parties in them. Without telling the owners. Ask nicely and you might score an invite. Check it out.

Scotch From Brooklyn. Kinda.
As a rule, Scotch has to come from Scotland. But sometimes said Scotch does a little pond-hopping for input from some of BK’s biggest tastemakers. That’s Jura Brooklyn, a smoky dram currently only available in NYC. Check it out.

Marilyn Monroe, Revealed
MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star, a collection of never-before-seen snaps of The Blonde Bombshell showed in Tribeca through the 26th. Luckily for you, the online gallery can still be ogled at your leisure. Check it out.