Advice | February 27, 2015 9:00 am

Best of February

Pinup girls. Briefcases. La Brea. Let’s review.

By The Editors

Welcome to The Seduciary
Sex appeal, like the devil, is in the details. The red underbelly of a Louboutin. The lace gloves of Dita von Teese. And if it’s a very specific type of sexiness you seek, look no further than the Seduciary: a mini-boutique within Just One Eye. Check it out.

Pinup Girls or Artwork?
Because we’ve got a hunch she’d rather tour a refurbed Frank Lloyd Wright gem than watch the Clippers, we present Culture Samples, a rundown of six art exhibits rolling through town this month that you — and your favorite gal — should see. Check it out.

La Brea: The 8 Things You Should Know
Because every man wants to explore Los Angeles, even if that means actually walking through it, we’re proud to present the first in a semi-monthly series of guides that reveals the must-see, -do and -eats in a single hood. Up today: La Brea. Check it out.

How to Look Good in Photos
People are going to take photos of you. It’s just going to happen — Red Carpet or otherwise. And for posterity’s sake, you’re going to want to look good in those photos. Thus, here’s How to Take a Damn Good Photograph. Check it out.

The Briefcase an LA Man Needs
Just because you do your work in a coffee shop doesn’t mean you take your work lightly. You, sir, need The Conrad, a briefcase for the man whose approach is all business even if he appears to be taking it easy. Check it out.