Advice | December 31, 2018 9:00 am

Our 12 Favorite Stories of 2018

Superyachts, self care and “I’m sorry.” Let’s review.

As aliens did not descend on New York last Wednesday night in a hail of blue light, we found ourselves … thankful. Because while 2018 had its share of awfulness, it was also kind of great. In fact, we’d like to stick around for next year.

But first, a quick look back at all the things we learned this year, as evidenced by 12 of our favorite stories. How to buy a superyacht. The “girly” workouts that’ll pump you up. And how to apologize properly.

Learn that, move on and enjoy the new year.

Essential yet underrated man skills
We’re all well versed in the lexicon of traditional “man skills”: they’ve been catalogued in the pages of men’s publications for decades, ours included. But here, we discovered some pickling tips, the one dance step you absolutely need to know and a Harvard professor’s notes on civil debate.

How to break up with everyone
Forget romance: We wanted to know how to cut ties with all the other tiresome people in our lives, be it roommates, jobs, clients, barbers, people on social media with bad opinions. So we went to the great-great-great-grandson of Emily Post to find out how.

The 50 worst types of Internet commenters, ranked
#39: “This is EVERYTHING”; “This. So much this.”

Resolving an argument before bed, according to 15 women
“Let’s sleep on it.” Brave, possibly stupid words every man has said in the heat of an argument. Instead, finish your disagreement before bed using “the sandwich method” (note: doesn’t involve actual sandwiches).

The dos and don’ts of outdoor sex
Whether it’s Robert and Maria on the forest floor in For Whom the Bell Tolls or Jon Snow and Ygritte under a waterfall, coitus al fresco always seems like a good idea … in theory. Herein, 17 tips for better outdoor commingling. Do: Incorporate the splendor of your environment. Don’t: Do it in the water.

How to say sorry — and actually mean it
Bad apologies are an epidemic, and the folks behind SorryWatch has been compiling and critiquing them for the last six years. It’s been a banner year for terrible human behavior (and the terrible apologies that followed, including Louis CK’s and, most recently, whatever Kevin Spacey was doing), we reached out for some intel on the art of contrition. Remember, it’s not about you.

Simple tips for finding and buying art online
Meaningful connections tend to spring from common ground. And art — from the books on your shelf to the paintings on your walls — is one of the easiest places to find that ground.

So to help you bring more art into your home, we compiled 14 excellent tips for finding, buying and framing art online, from the classics to the avant garde to the undiscovered.

The modern man’s guide to taking care of your own damn self
With masculinity itself in a moment of serious re-examination, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the “self-care” movement, aka improving one’s mental and emotional wellbeing as a path to a healthier life. We put together an A-to-Z guide to self-care, from simple destressors (baths, stretching) to tips on reshaping the way you define and evaluate your failures and successes.

Get rich quick — and ethically
If you had the opportunity to invest your money, make a nice return and do the world some good, wouldn’t you take it? Six apps that allow you to do all that, simply.

Debunking the myth of “girly” workouts
Surprise, guys: “Girly” workouts (yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, etc.) are a goldmine of athletic potential. We spoke with the instructors who teach these classes to talk misconceptions, benefits and how the testosterone-fueled feel once they actually try them out.

The 50 essential books on American history
50 classic titles, one for every state, that reckon with the nature of life in that place. And each book addressed, at least in spirit, real events from history (and yes, we went with Helter Skelter for California).

How to buy a superyacht in 8 simple steps
Step 1: Get a nine-figure bank account