By The Editors / December 7, 2015 9:00 am

The alchemy of being a good gifter is twofold.

One: know your mark. Go for something personal. Just not … boxers-or-briefs personal.

Second: what better than the gift that gives all year long? The one that reminds someone on a regular basis just how awesome you are? Like, say, a subcription to the Jelly of the Month Club. Except not that.

More like … a subscription to a swanky mag. Something guys wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, but will thank you for time and time again. 

To assist, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite indie prints your giftee has probably never heard of, cross-referenced by said giftee’s hobby of choice.

For the Guy Who Wears Tevas
Sidetracked is all about adventure. The publication offers firsthand accounts of offbeat destinations the world over. Touching on both the emotional and practical aspects of an expedition, each page inspires a man to grab a backpack and indulge his wanderlust. From trekking through the East Himalayas to cycling in Peru, Sidetracked is our pick for the fella seeking the road less traveled. 

For the Guy With Satin Sheets
Treats! is where luxury and lasciviousness meet. Revealing but artsy, it’s erotica for the coffee table — not your bedside drawer. Inside: the world’s top photographers pay homage to the female form. 

For the Guy Who Owns an Eames
Apartamento profiles all things interior design. Lined with interviews and snaps from design industry creatives, the magazine delivers an everyday-living approach to the art of making people jealous when they walk into your home.

For the Guy Who Knows the Difference Between “Whiskey” and “Whisky”
Hot Rum Cow is the adventure guide for the world-class spirit lover. We’re talkin’ drinking here. Whatever your swill of choice, Hot Rum Cow traverses the ins-and-out of it, from monks making craft beer to global warming’s effect on Pinot Noir. On the low-brow side, the pub is also peppered with such things as the perils of being drunk in the 21st century and how to say hangover in seven different languages. 

For the Guy Who Collects Cufflinks
Port is the self-stated “intelligent magazine for men.” Mixing classic and contemporary art, culture and fashion, it’s elegant, informative, heavy and anything but gimmicky. Culling together an international group of award-winning artists, stylists and writers, Port is an engaging print for the sophisticated man.