Advice | November 12, 2015 9:00 am

7 Services to Replace Your Everyday Needs

Grooming to bacon, all at the push of a button

By The Editors

Clean socks. Deodorant. Coffee.

Those everyday things you don’t think about … until they’re gone.

Then? They become maddeningly essential.

So you never run out of those little necessities again, we present The New Basics: seven companies and services that provide you with elevated everyday must-haves.

Their goal: get you everything you forgot you needed … before you even know you need it.

Most of these services work on a subscription model: a “set it and forget” mode of ordering what you want once, choosing a frequency and never dealing with the process again.

In theory, it simplifies and streamlines your life.

When we spoke to time management guru Ari Meisel a while back, he raved about Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, which accomplishes this streamlining goal for everyday purchases … with some major caveats. Like sudden price switches, limited inventory and (what we’ve recently discovered) brands that unexpectedly disappear from the S&S service.

So forget the Jeff Bezos Experiment, at least for your truly essential essentials.

These services will fulfill your basic needs, from cleanliness to clothing, with elevated aplomb. And without the inconsistencies.

For quick grooming: Morgans
It’s like Harry’s for all your sundry needs. A brand new personal care subscription service, Morgans provides you with a customizable list of toiletries for every two-month delivery: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, razors, toothbrushes, etc. Plus, everything here’s chemical-free, natural and most of the products are sourced in the U.S. of A.

For your basics drawer: Basic/Outfitters
Hey, it’s all there in the name. With the just-launched Basic/Outfitters, you can restock your underthings for about $30-$60. Just pick your socks, boxers, undershirts and joggers in one or two clicks — be it neutral whites and blacks or dressier, more colorful get-ups. Can’t speak for everything, but we’ve been testing out their socks for about a week and they’re great: super comfy, with arch support and just enough stretch (Note: All InsideHook readers get 30% off individual packs — not the Create-A-Drawer — by using code “INSIDEHOOK”). 

For your accessories: Sprezzabox
They say sprezza’s slang for dapper. Perhaps. And that’s what you’re getting here: a monthly box of curated, dapper accessories, including ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, shoehorns, etc. Month-to-month subscriptions run $28 (with an option to cancel anytime) and a bit less per month for longer commitments.

For your coffee: Driftaway
Because it’s morning. A delicious small-batch coffee roaster that offers mail-based coffee deliveries of single-origin, specialty-grade java (NO DECAF), all based around your personal preferences. Samples available, tasting notes included with each batch and the beans change every month.

For your entire casual outfit: Buck Mason
We dig the made in America heritage and timeless designs of Buck Mason, which delivers “only the essentials” — neutral/solid sweatshirts, tees, belts, etc. that are ridiculously comfy. We truly dig the company’s “Packages” option: curated pants/shirt/belt combos that essentially act as your wardrobe in a box.

For your condoms: Manpacks
We said essentials, right? Manpacks offers Amazon-like subscribe and save (around 10%) options for a number of daily necessities (underwear, moisturizers, vitamins), but we’re partial to their condom subscriptions. The choices vary, but we give a nod to Sir Richard’s: These all-natural baby blockers are free of chemicals like glycerin and spermicide, and with each order the company donates condoms to developing nations.

Finally, for your bacon: Zingerman’s
As a UM grad, I can safely pronounce Ann Arbor’s Zingerman’s the best deli in the world. And their award-winning bacon club offers up to 12 months of delicious and artisanal pork goodness, from Balinese Long Pepper to Juniper Smoked. (Photo courtesy of Carl Collins/Flickr CC)