Advice | May 3, 2016 9:00 am

The One Thing You Need to Avoid Oppressive Security Lines This Summer

Airports expect an apocalyptic summer. Prepare accordingly.

If you’ve been putting off the inconvenient but otherwise painless process of getting PreCheck — the “trusted traveler” pre-authorization status that allows for line-jumping, jacket-wearing and laptop-stowing through airport security — you want to get that done, stat.

Why? Let us begin with the brewing travel apocalypse predicted by the New York Times:

“Wait times could reach epidemic levels when air travel peaks this summer,” a shitshow co-signed by rising numbers of (increasingly disgruntled) travelers and the TSA, which, due to budget cuts, has shed nearly 6,000 of its 48,000+ screeners. Result: wait times of up to three hours, and lines stretching to the curbside.

PreCheck — either via the $85 TSA program or the $100 Customs and Border Patrols’ Global Entry — allows you to miss most of the mess.

If you’ve lately lucked out and gotten plucked out of the non-PreCheck line for expedited processing, that benefit has come to an end, as part of the roll-up of the “Managed Inclusion II” program. The only way out of non-PreCheck purgatory is now via Managed Inclusion I, which you might qualify for after being thoroughly sniffed by bomb-detecting dogs.

If you don’t want to count on a dog to make your flight, we recommend pulling that paperwork together now.