37 Things a Man’s Gotta do this Summer

Consider, for a moment, the Platonic ideal of a lazy summer day.

And then collapse that idea on itself like a house of paper cards, don your favorite sunnies and make for the out-of-doors.

Summer was meant for discovery. For travel. For sipping exotic cocktails in exotic locales.

In other words, summer is for experiencing the best in life.

Here to aid you on your great summer quest: 37 Things A Man’s Gotta Do This Summer, available now for your perusal.

Why 37, you ask?

Between now and Labor Day, you’ve got 14 weekends, two bank holidays, and let’s say a week’s worth of vacay. Carry the two, add this to that and call in sick on a pair of Fridays, et voila:

Thirty-seven days to enjoy and, most importantly, engage.


  • The nine outdoor activities you must do

  • How to play hooky from work

  • Which outdoor restaurants you should dine at

Stating the obvious:

Yes, you can technically tick all these boxes year-round in L.A.

But a man’s gotta have goals.

Especially ones that involve water sports and frozen drinks.

Take it easy out there,

Reuben Brody
LA Editor