Advice | May 24, 2016 9:00 am

Three New Manly Man Detergents That Remove the Deep Funk

Because smelling like a gym bag is no way to live

Ever heard of micrococci?

It’s the bacteria that lodges itself in synthetic clothes and makes them smell funkier than a cheese factory in mid July.

Until now, we’ve been dispensing regular old detergents to defeat them. Regular old detergents are full of harmful chemicals that pollute water and do little to dispel micrococci from fibers. But seeing as every problem is an opportunity for smart people, there are now better ways to deal with it (aside from buying new gym clothes, which we also endorse).

These are they.

The detergent with a made-for-infomercial name, deFunkIt is a powder that you pre-soak into your clothes to ward off future odors. It does this by eliminating the natural oils from our bodies and fragrances from previous washes or colognes. It’s especially good at targeting micrococci, and if you rarely wash your selvedge denim, this is definitely for you. Works great, but reapply every 2-3 wears. And don’t treat it as a substitute for, you know, actually washing your clothes.

HEX Performance
HEX Performance is our personal favorite of the bunch. The smell is unobtrusive and it’s completely eco-friendly, right down to the collapsible packaging. And you don’t need a lot of it. The single dose advanced detergent, which comes in little globules of formula that you place in the wash with no mess, will kill any odor, from moldy sweat to a night of tobacco smoke (we tried it on both).

FREY is another new, eco-friendly detergent tailored to men, with an oaky aroma that’s not crazy strong. Works well and it’s light and easy on your delicates.