Action | April 15, 2014 9:00 am

Weight For No One

By The Editors

We all dream of space travel.

But unless your bank account’s as hefty as Sam Zell’s, you ain’t getting intergalactic any time soon.

Here’s something a bit more feasible, and damn close to the real thing: Zero G’s Weightless Experience, lifting off from O’Hare on June 7th.

Remember those Kate Upton weightless photos from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Yeah, she did that in a Zero G plane.

Led by former NASA engineers and astronauts, Zero G’s mission is bold and simple: bona fide zero-gravity experiences in the comfort of our own atmosphere.

You’ll board a modified Boeing 727 and ascend to 24,000 feet. From there, the plane enters a series of parabolic arcs that leaves everything in it, including you, completely weightless.

This maneuver is repeated 15 times, and you’ll float for 30 seconds each time — once per arc. And by float, we mean do as the astronauts do.

From orientation to post-flight celebration, the thrill ride lasts five hours.

And as you might expect, space is limited, so suit up and grab your tickets here.

Kate would approve.

Main Photo Credit: James Macari for Sports Illustrated