Action | August 1, 2014 9:00 am

Edge Case

By The Editors

Whatever you’re holding, Mr. Mick Dundee once pined, is not a knife.

This is a knife.

And it’s a beaut.

Workerman knives, taking orders now.

First, a caveat: these knives — a combo of good-looking woods (maple, walnut, olive, etc.) and hand-forged steel — will be gone by day’s end. Guaranteed.

“I generally post a few random new knives (10-15) which sell out in a matter of minutes,” explains Workerman’s designer, Adam Brackney. “The dates and times they go up [for sale] are random, but I try to give a little heads up via Instagram.”

Our heads up is that it’ll be this afternoon.

If you want one, your best bet is the Ambrosia Maple KUT, a hand-shaped folding knife with a carbon-steel Svord blade from New Zealand that develops a natural patina over time.

A few of those will be on sale from 1-6 PM CST.

The others (here’s a sneak peak) will be posted at regular intervals today on social media.

And then … they’re gone.

So stay sharp on that lookout.