This Commuter Bike Comes With Effortless Looks, Airless Tires
By Tanner Garrity / July 24, 2018 9:00 am

Here’s one of those Scandinavian stats that serves as a nice, shameful kick in the pants for us Stateside: 62% of employees and students in Copenhagen commuted to work via bike in 2017.

It is impossible to conceive that scale of biking going on in a major American city. Imagine three million people zipping through Manhattan at eight in the morning? One green-painted lane does not a bike-friendly city make.

Still — it’s not that American citydwellers wouldn’t like to bike. They just need a bike that can weather pothole-ridden roads, swerve sprawling construction, carry easily in a walk-up … and if possible, look damn good doing all of it.

That’s where Urbanized comes in. Their well-appointed two-wheelers utilize a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon drivetrain and a leather saddle for an athletic, handsome appeal, offered in five different tones. We prefer “graphite” or “cream.”

The knockout inclusion though, has to be the bike’s Tannus airless tires, which are made from a closed-cell polymer foam called Aither. Put simply — you don’t have to fill them with air, and they can’t be punctured. They also conserve weight. You can bike over 5,000 miles with these tires and expect just 1.5-mm of wear.

Let’s get our numbers up, people. Find info on pricing here.

All images from Urbanized Bikes