The 5 Best Glamps in Northern California

We’re all for roughing it John Muir style, naught but a man, his pack and his thoughts in tow.

But sometimes you want to commune with Ma Nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Which is undoubtedly why glamping has taken off in the Bay: pack a city with people who love the outdoors, then give them 90-hour-a-week jobs.

Result? Five of the best glamps in the country, where the hard parts — like setting up a tent — are done for you.

Allowing you to focus on the important stuff: mountain kayaking, oceanside hikes and which beer to pull out of that variety pack next.

mendocino (2 images)

Mendocino Grove, Mendocino
This brand-new glamp has 60 luxury sites offering first-rate beds, electrical outlets, “reliable wifi” and a communal fire ring for sharing stories and s’mores. You’ll choose between two sizes of safari-style tents: couple-size and family-size. Plus, there’s an open invite for dogs and a hammock with your name on it. 

treebones (3 images)

Treebones, South Big Sur

Treebones is the ultimate Northern California glamping experience. Rent a yurt, the grand “autonomous tent” or just grab a Pacific-view campsite. Forget about campfires (they’re verboten), but instead of s’mores, you have an outdoor sushi bar plus lodge dining at lunch and breakfast.

Yurts at Bothe-Napa, Calistoga

You can spend way more on an Airbnb in Napa. Better solution: Book one of these yurts at Bothe-Napa State Park—available through ReserveCalifornia—and stay in the heart of Wine Country for next to nothing (read: $70).

Mendocino (2 images)

Mendocino Magic, Laytonville

Another new glamp up north, Mendocino Magic offers unfurnished, sheltered-tent camping in the winter—i.e. through the end of this month—and furnished glamps during the summer. Sleep in a real bed, then walk in the morning to kayak on the reservoir, then fire up the grill.

sequoia (2 images)

Sequoia High Sierra Camp, Giant Sequoia National Monument

You’ll need to hike about a mile to reach this camp under the redwoods, with the meadow and mountain hiking of Sequoia National Park within easy reach. When you get there, you’ll find 30 tented cabins (with over 300 square feet of space) and three meals, including a pack lunch. Note the short season, running only from mid June to September.