Action | August 15, 2014 9:00 am

Saddle Peak is an Easy Urban Hike

Worlds away but not a far drive

By The Editors

It’s the weekend. Let’s stop staring at screens for a sec.

Let’s get outside, chat with some chaparral and hang with some hawks.

Let’s march westward, to the Malibu Line, and take the windy, ear-popping ascent up Las Flores Canyon (across from Dukes) to Saddle Peak, for a morning hike.

Yes, morning. Afternoons are too hot. And yes, hiking. It’s proven to lengthen your days.

Saddle Peak has two options: two miles (directions) or eight miles (directions).

Either way, you’re hiking upward on a sun-baked trail above the treeline.

Below, sandstone boulders emerge from a blanket of oak, sage and chaparral. You’ll summit Saddle Peak at 2,805 feet above the cool Pacific — views of which are Ansel Adams-grade at this vantage.

If you’re taking the longer route, pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and for added energy, some delicious filet mignon jerky from Three Jerks Jerky, a Venice Beach concern.

Take in the panoramic views. Smell the freshness. Ponder what needs pondering. If you have ideas that need jotting, use this pen from Triple Aught and a pad from Word.

Then go back the way you came.

Either way, your body will thank you.