Action | June 18, 2014 9:00 am

Space Race

By The Editors

Experiencing zero gravity just got affordable.

Not “Richard Branson affordable,” but “you, InsideHook reader” affordable.

Introducing the all-new S3 ZeroG, a global airline that books affordable zero gravity flights, taking reservations now.

Operating under a Kumbaya-like “Space for All” concept, S3’s first flights will last 90 minutes and offer about six minutes of weightlessness.

How it works: you board a modified Airbus. Then that Airbus climbs and drops dramatically to induce the feeling of zero gravity (it’s how they shot Apollo 13).

S3 also offers premium and VIP seating zones — which include “access to liquids and balloons” during zero G, as well as an exclusive timepiece from Breitling and your own flight suit to take home.

Flights begin in January in Japan and continue throughout the year in 15 different countries, including three U.S. launches in fall ‘15 (Colorado, California, Florida).

Pack light.