Action | August 21, 2017 9:00 am

Ist Das Leben Schön: River-Tubing 101

In which Texas gal Cat Stanley teaches us to float like a pro

By The Editors

In a little city in Texas called New Braunfels, there stands a water tower bearing four German words: Ist Das Leben Schön.

Rough translation? It’s the beautiful life. Hence, our first web series, Ist Das Leben Schön, in which we scour all 50 states for some good, clean fun and then hook up with card-carrying locals to get you the intel you need to recreate said fun anywhere, anytime.

In our inaugural episode, we journey to (you guessed it) New Braunfels, where the leisurely pursuit of river-tubing borders on religion. Sit back and indulge in a place where the sun is always shining, the beer is always ice cold, and Willie Nelson is playing on the (waterproof) jukebox while the world drifts lazily by.

And believe us when we tell you: these folks are onto something.