Action | July 17, 2012 9:00 am

Zip Service

By The Editors

Ziplines are great for making escapes: Just look at Tango and Cash, who broke out of prison, and Jerry Seinfeld who eluded, however fleetingly, the lantern-jawed banter of Jay Leno.

Escape your own danger — i.e., NY’s fetid heat — with New York Zipline Adventure Tours, offering crisp mountain air flights at speeds up to 50mph, open now.

[callout] … three high-flying options for the man and man-child alike [/callout]

Just two hours north of the city at Hunter Mountain, NYZAT offers three high-flying options:

For the Aspiring Mountaineer: At the mountain base, this imposing Adventure Tower holds nine obstacles (rope swings, bridges, suspended logs, etc.) spiraling 60 feet above the ground.

For the Family: At the Mid-Mountain Tour, nine aerial platforms are nestled in the forest canopy, connected by Goonies-esque rope bridges and 60-foot-high zips.

For the Daredevil: Touted as the longest, fastest, and highest zipline in North America, NYZAT’s 3,200-ft.-long Skyrider Tour slings you at a freeway-worthy 50 mph up to 600 feet in the air — high enough to clear the Statue of Liberty … stacked on top of the Flatiron Building.

Each NYZAT course is run with the most stringent safety standards by adventure course pros, whose expertise extends to four facilities around the globe.

Including Jamaica, which is a whole ‘nother type of high, mon.