Action | April 28, 2017 5:00 am

Meet Lyon Farrell, the Pro Snowboarder Who Hails From Hawaii

Lyon Farrell is an anomaly. Having grown up in Maui, Hawaii, he spent his summer breaks flying down to New Zealand to visit his grandparents.

And in the process he became hooked on maybe the least Hawaiian sport of all time—snowboarding.

He’s become so good at the sport, his New Zealand friends can be chuffed to find he’s now a pro snowboarder sponsored by Red Bull.

The energy drink company recently flew Farrell back home to do a photo shoot with his snowboard on the beach—decked out in his cold-weather gear, too—and it got him thinking about how far he’s come. “I ended up choosing a career and a sport that’s so foreign to where I’m from,” says Farrell.

Get to know him a little better in the video below.