Action | April 3, 2017 5:00 am

Daredevil Uses Wingsuit to Soar In Between Skyscrapers In Panama City

Brandon Mikesell’s passion is wingsuiting, and he does it every chance he gets. Having tested the limits of cliffs, as well as insane jumps from helicopters and planes, Mikesell is now experimenting with urban environments; his most recent stunt was a jump that saw leap from a helicopter and then fly between skyscrapers in Panama City, Panama.

With the help of GoPro cameras and his loyal cameraman, Ben Verde, Mikesell recorded his stunt of soaring down and around skyscrapers like a superhero. It’s easy to picture someone in one of those buildings glancing out the window and seeing him flash by, then wondering for the rest of the day if they actually saw what they thought they saw.

Scroll down to watch the official video of Mikesell’s stunt.