Someone Needs to Remind This Kitesurfer How Humans Work

I don’t how much you know about kitesurfing. But last time I checked, it did not involve treating a circuit of ponds and lakes like a frog would lily-pads and literally f*cking flying from one to the next.

Pro kitesurfer Sam Light just posted a video of precisely that to YouTube.

It starts with him high in the sky for about six seconds before he drops in on a patch of water surrounded by marsh grass. It’s as though he’s as light as a bird. The posted doesn’t list the location, but it looks very similar to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which would seem logical given that Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills are home to prodigious wind — it is, after all, where the Wright Brothers took flight.

Light goes up and down, twisting, turning and yahoo-ing all the while before surfing through a choppy sound. He cruises on salt-weathered docks like Marty McFly. And he does all of this without a parachute, jet engine or single worry about the well-being of his person.

It also makes one want to reevaluate his hobbies.