Inflatable Tent Sleeps Four, Conquers All Seasons

It’s not the Four Seasons.

But it’s not a dispiriting tangle of pegs, stakes and nylon, either.

The tent-inflating warlocks over at Heimplanet, whom we first introduced you to back in 2013, continue to release tents that are equally lightweight and spacious. Their latest offering is the Backdoor, a sleeps-four, good-luck-ripping-it nylon tent with vestibule entrances in the front and (you guessed it) rear.

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The inflatability cannot be stressed enough. This thing pumps up quicker than it’ll take you to grill the packet of pork chops in your backpack, morphing effortlessly into Heimplanet’s patented diamond grid exterior and standing five feet off the ground, with 92 square feet of interior snooze space. That portability, fused with the tent’s ease of us in a wide range of exotic locales, whether humid or frosty, makes it a must-consider for the weekend adventurer.  

And at $940, the Backdoor won’t break the bank, either. Find more information on purchasing yours here.

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