Action | January 24, 2014 9:00 am

Watership Down

By The Editors

Best things in life: not free.

One could say they’re Musk-Branson pricey.

Take the new and extremely limited edition Black Hawk, your very own personal submarine-slash-fighter jet, available now for order.


From Richmond-based Hawkes Ocean Technologies, the craft takes queues from the aviation industry and is built for aquabatic maneuvers like barrel rolls and loop-the-loops at incredible depths. Plus rolling deep with the odd humpback (witness: this video).

Weighing in just shy of one-and-a-half tons and stretching seventeen feet from nose-to-tail, the Black Hawk is the lightest manned submersible available — built to seat one and, with removable wings, designed for easy transport to and from the water.

And it’s 100% electric. Because SF.

They’ll build three.

That’s one for Branson and two for the rest of us.

Something to keep in mind if you’re on the cusp of a public offering.