Action | June 30, 2014 9:00 am

From the Editor’s Desk

By The Editors

I’ve spent the last three weekends and a few workday afternoons (sorry, boss) watching the World Cup in bars.

I highly recommend doing this, especially if — like me — you have little to no idea what’s happening on the field.

Why? Because nobody in an American bar expects you to understand fútbol. If 80% of life is just showing up, then the other 20% is enjoying a drink while somebody explains the offsides rule.

Here in the office, the guy who explains those rules is our very own fútbol whisperer, Walker Loetscher. He’s written two smart guides to this year’s games: InsideHook’s Unofficial NFL to World Cup Translator and The Scoundrels of the World Cup.

Enjoy them both before USA vs. Belgium tomorrow at 4 PM ET.

Beyond the World Cup, our Nation edition recently took a look at that most American of summer pastimes: the summer blockbuster.

You’ll want to check out our Summer Movie Cheat Sheet, our appreciation of The Best Summer Movie Season of All Time and, my personal favorite, The Official Tom Cruise Scale of Asshole-ish-ness.

Meanwhile, in our New York edition, we launched Table Stakes: a monthly look at the must-visit restaurants and bars that’ve opened in the past month. You can look forward to that feature coming to our LA, SF and Chicago editions very soon.

Coming up in July: Gentleman’s Handbook, Volume IV: To the Beach! As with previous Gent’s Handbooks (I, II and III), this volume reveals the proper etiquette for seasonal engagements.

A week later we’ll publish our Cocktail Quarterly of summer drinks.

And after that, The Toys of Summer: a guide to the must-have gadgets for this season and beyond. I think I saw a drone or two in there.

Tomorrow’s our first match of the knockout stage. See you at the bar.