Action | December 12, 2014 9:00 am

Your Life Raft for the Rainpocalypse

A whitewater vessel that fits in your backpack

By The Editors

If you’re reading this from your office, congrats.

You just survived Rainpocalypse 2014.

If you’re reading this from your sofa while household miscellanea floats past your window, here, have a life raft:

The Alpackalypse, a just-released one-man watercraft that packs down to the size of a sleeping bag but navigates whitewater — and floodwater, we think — with aplomb.

The Alpackalyspe is the newest offering from the adventure set at Alpacka Rafts.

Their aim: to build a high-performance boat they could carry on their backs during overland journeys.

Their solution: inflatable tubes made from Vectran, a synthetic polymer lighter than nylon but sporting five times the tensile strength of steel.

Vectran means the Alpackalypse weighs in at a shade over 10 lbs. but rides like a kayak. Check out this video to see in action.

Like a kayak, it sports a heavy-duty seat, spray skirt and hip pads.

It’s also engineered with AP’s heralded multi-point rigging system, which braces rider to craft and increases control and rolling ability.

Which’ll come in handy when you’re waist-deep in Class IV.

Or, like, Lombard Street.