Action | November 6, 2017 9:00 am

Good Luck Fitting This Pop-Up Ice Rink Under the Tree

You'll skate your eye out!

If there’s any sport that tests the axiom practice makes perfect, it’s hockey.

That’s because skating on ice is very, very difficult. But if you’re a skater and have limited access to rinks or safe ponds to practice, check out EZ Ice Rink, a new at-home rink that assembles in 60 minutes, or as about as long as it takes CBS to deliver the Sunday evening news.

ez ice (3 images)

As demonstrated in promo video, the plastic walls work like a bridge, evenly distributing the weight of the water so that the surface remains level, despite any irregularities on the ground’s surface.

You can buy more parts to increase the size of the rink from hockey practice to 30 Rock, if it pleases you.

Who’s going to have the best holiday party on the block? You. Just makes sure your guests sign waivers.