Action | December 12, 2016 9:00 am

Greenest Camp Stove Ever?

The only thing it leaves behind is every other outdoor cooktop

Traditionally, camp stoves have been measured by three criteria: durability, portability and flame power.

Here’s one that performs in all three categories, but also ticks the increasingly relevant box of environmentally friendliness.

The Enki Stove is the bellwether of a new class of camp stove that touts itself, above all else, as better for Ma Nature than anything else on the market. You may not think this thing can change the way you cook outdoors, and in some ways, it won’t. But it will change the way your cooking directly affects your immediate surroundings.

Because this thing runs on biomass. The battery-powered stove works turning dry materials into fuel, while a dedicated fan draws all gas emissions back into the flame, ultimately reducing CO2 by producing a smokeless heat. On top of that, what you’re left with is biochar, instead of ash. All this goes a long way in reducing omitting greenhouse gases into the air.

Available in two sizes, the stove doesn’t look half-bad, either. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the modern design is made so the stove is portable and easy to unpack whether you’re in the wild or your own backyard.

The Enki Stove is available now. Head on over to the Enki website for more details.