Action | February 23, 2017 9:00 am

Want to Cross Iceland and Heli-Skiing Off Your Bucket List in One Fell Swoop?

We've got a massive discount. But you better book soon.

If it seems like everyone and their (hopefully thawed out by now) mother is going to Iceland these days, you’re right. They are. So if you want to make your Icelandic expedition stand out from the crowd’s, you’re gonna need to go big.

How’s heli-skiing sound?

Lucky for you, the boutique hotel wardens at Eleven Experience have just that trip in the books, including luxury accommodations at their private ski lodge on the Troll Peninsula. Sound a little lavish? It is. But we know a guy who can make sure you’ve got access to these exclusive slopes.

All you have to do is book before February 28th with our friends at Heli. Tell ‘em InsideHook sent you and you’ll get a 15% discount along with a complimentary FlyLow jacket. The 4- and 6-day all-inclusive pricing starts at $10,000 per person, meaning you’re looking at $1,500 in savings — minimum.

For booking info and availability, get in touch with Andy Culp at or 888-420-6534. He’ll take care of you.

So what exactly will your Icelandic adventure look like? A little something like this:

Eleven Experience 1 (5 images)

First, you’ll take a helicopter to the top of any number of 3,000 to 4,000-foot peaks (they cover a range of experience levels). Smell that? You better believe that’s the sweet sea breeze. After carving down perfectly packed snow, you’ll reach the ocean. Then back to the top to rack up as many dream lines as your knees can handle.

After a long day of skiing from peak to beach, you’ll head back to Deplar Farm, a 13-bedroom lodge that used to be a sheep farm. The fluffy guys have been replaced with indoor/outdoor saltwater pools with bars, hot tubs, a spa facility with flotation tanks, and even a few suites should you want to waste your time sleeping.

Eleven Experience 2 (5 images)

And if you need a day off the slopes? The fine folks at Eleven are versed in much more, and will gladly take you snowmobiling, boating through fjords, whale watching or fly fishing at some of the world’s most exclusive salmon spots.

And all of those things will make for a more impressive “I went to Iceland” story than whatever your chump friends are bringing to the table.