Action | September 20, 2016 9:00 am

Does This Hike Have the Best Coastal Views in California?

Signs point to yes — and Half Moon Bay

Are you will to tough it out, leave everything on the field and go balls-to-the-wall in pursuit of a little peace and quiet?

Go hike Mount Diablo. We’ll wait. 

If, on the other hand, you just want to see quite possibly the most beautiful spot on the planet — well, we’ve got the hike for you.

It goes by the name of the Jean Lauer Trail in Half Moon Bay

Maybe you want to explore more than exercise. Maybe you don’t need to prove the sum of your physical capacity on a Saturday morning. Maybe you have a dog who likes coastal trails, even if he has to stay on his leash. Or maybe you’re just someone who loves the ocean, and could benefit from a walk along an ADA-accessible packed-dirt path. 

The Jean Lauer Trail services all the above.

It’s not long: just about a mile to get you to the viewing point and back. But on the way, you’ll cross a grassy marshland. If your dog likes ducks and/or pelicans, this is his heaven on Earth. 

When you reach to Point Pillar Bluff, you’ll get a commanding view of the coastline, and, off the coast, a postcard-ready view of Mavericks. Keep an eye on the edge, as erosion has not been kind to our cliffsides this season. 

Optional: Head down to Moss Beach afterward to dip your toes in the water. 

Remember: this is a hike for taking it easy. Which means lunch at Moss Beach Distillery (as seen above). 

Dogs are welcome on the patio, which is the place to be in any case.