8 Ways to Celebrate REI’s #OptOutside on Black Friday

Put us firmly in the camp of REI’s #optoutside campaign

Yesterday, the outdoor goods giant announced their plans for Black Friday: a nationwide shutdown of all retail locations accompanied by an appeal to all employees to skip marketing’s worst-kep scam in favor of a day spent outdoors.

Translation: if you were planning on buying a tent/kayak/crossbow at REI on 11/27, they just canceled on ya.

But fear not, as we’ve rounded up video tutorials on how to build all the above — along with five other (debatably) essential survival skills — below.

Call it the #optoutside man’s guide to Black Friday.

How to: Build a Primitive Wattle and Dub Hut From Scratch
If he can do it, you can totally do it. 

How to: Build a Yurt
You may or may not enjoy the soundtrack.

How to: Make a Crossbow from Scratch
Don’t shoot your eye out. 

How to: Make a Dugout Boat from a Tree Trunk
This stunning video comes courtesy of Werner “Sad Teuton” Herzog. For a more practical approach, see here

How to: Build a Treehouse in One Week
You’ll have to read between the still images a bit — but this proves it can be done. 

How to: Tap a Maple Tree
Put down the Aunt Jemima and slowly back away.

How to: Build a Snow Cave
Snow required. Or a lot of leaves. 

How to: Cut Firewood
Courtesy of a man who identifies himself as the “Wood Slayer”