Action | April 29, 2017 5:00 am

Bolivia’s Women Cholita Climbers Scale Mountains in Skirts

Most mountaineers are a bundle of specialty gear and bravado. But these Bolivian women scale mountains, humbly, while wearing traditional skirts.

As Great Big Story explains, the “Cholitas” are Bolivian women with indigenous heritage, who are known for donning colorful skirts, small top hats, and gaudy jewelry. Over the past two years, they’ve started a climbing club of 11 women in La Paz, Bolivia.

At one time, the women were hired simply as cooks for male climbers. Then, in December 2015, they started climbing for themselves.

Of course, besides their skirts, the women wear layers, as well as helmets and hiking boots with crampons. But it’s still an enviable feat.

Watch their wonderfully inspiring story below.