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“Hey man, nice boat.”

5 waterships for summer seafaring, via Boatbound

By The Editors

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” General Eisenhower wasn’t talking about renting a boat. But it certainly applies.

Best place to do said planning: Boatbound. Think of it as Airbnb for the lake life. Five of our favorite yachts, skiffs and sloops are below. Climb aboard. Whether you request one with a captain or not — we’ll salute ya. Especially if you save us a seat.

The Plush Ride

For cruising and sun-pad reclining only. This Beneteau 393 will hold more than you need  a 40-foot sailer with two comfortable overhead hatches if you need some shade. Down below: cherry trim wood finish and spacious sleeping cabins. So, how about a weeklong vacation?

The Cruiser

A quick and nimble yacht with a convenient slip at Belmont Harbor. Tops out at 36 knots (that’d be 42 MPH). Bluetooth audio. Full kitchen galley. A spacious cabin that can easily sleep the whole family. Or you know, you and a ladyfriend. Get comfy.

The Sailor’s Ship

Got sailing experience? Meet Imp — a 35-foot sloop built for racing. Fits a crew of 8-10 comfortably. Also comes with its own skipper, freeing you to relax and enjoy the open water. Bonus: it’s operated by Chicago Sailing — who we sailed with all last summer. Highly recommend chartering your own itinerary.

The Sporting Hull

Vetted by pro wakeboarders and surfers, make the Malibu Wakesetter XLV your go-to watersports vessel. All torque, but as smooth as the lake on a calm day. Comes kitted out with a powerful sound system and an instructor. Beginners welcome.

The Party Yacht

Room enough for you and a dozen or so friends. Teakwood throughout. Sails beautifully — but the real star is the cockpit: top-up and spacious, you’ll never wanna leave. Unless you head down to cabin, where you got comfy lounge seating and a place to rest your head. Bring a flag and let ‘er fly.

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