Action | March 1, 2019 9:00 am

The World’s 7 Best Ziplines

From a Norwegian fjord-spanner to one 5,000 feet up in the UAE

Flåm Zipline recently opened in the fjords of western Norway, and it’s a hell of a ride, careening 4,530 feet downwards at a top speed of 62 MPH. Flåm offers an uncompromising view of the country’s famous glacial cliffs, which would otherwise take hours via kayak or hike. 

Got us thinking — what other zipline destinations around the world deserve consideration for the bucket list? As far as action tourism goes, ziplining is more afforable than sky diving, more sane than bungee jumping, and one hell of a way to see some wilds. 

Below, we detail the seven best around the globe, from Lake Tahoe to New Zealand. 

Jebel Jais
United Arab Emirates
The heavyweight champ of the world. Per usual, UAE has gone way overboard. This Guinness Record-holding zipline is nearly two miles long, reaches peak speeds of 80-MPH, and launches riders from 5,500 feet above sea level. 

Waiheke Island Zipline
New Zealand
An ideal couples’ experience on an island off the coast of Auckland (peep it in the background!). Soar over beaches and vineyards, cameras are allowed. 

Flåm Zipline
The aforementioned new king of Scandinavia. It takes off from Bergen, Norway, which is our pick for one of Europe’s most underrated day drinking cities. Get your ride out of the way in the morning though, slugger. 

Arenal Volcano Park
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is to ziplines is what NYC is to live theater. Choose between Arenal and Monteverde — you can’t go wrong — and make sure to book with Sky Trek. They have nearly a “5” rating on TripAdvisor, after a good 4,000 reviews, so you’re in good hands.

Blue Streak Zipline
Lake Tahoe, CA
Honestly, what can’t you do at Tahoe? This is a great family option — two parallel zips with a top speed of 50 MPH. Honorable stateside mentions to Icy Strait Point (over 1,300-foot drop, oh my) and Zipline Through Paradise on Big Island, Hawaii. 

Flight of the Gibbon
On this Thailand line, you’re really out there, zipping along the cusp of 56-million-square mile, Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary. Flight of the Gibbon touts the highest safety standards in Asia for ziplines.  

Puerto Rico
Alright, you want your epic dinner story? Conquer the former Guiness Record holder, “El Monstruo” in Puerto Rico. Here’s what you’re in for.  

Main image via Flåm Zipline