Action | April 12, 2017 9:00 am

Bear Grylls to Open ‘Survival Spa’ for Rich People Who Don’t Want to Die in the Woods

Nothing says life-or-death scenario like jacuzzis and Egyptian

They often tell you that in order to grow, you’ve got to leave your comfort zone.

I’m here to tell you that’s simply not always the case.

Case in point: The Afan Valley Adventure Resort, where not only can you attend a Bear Grylls Survival Academy, you can also bask in the creature comforts of a legit five-star spa while doing it.

By day, you’ll be put through your paces at the Bear Grylls arm of the 485-acre facility, hidden away in the rolling hills of South Wales. By night, you’ll soak your sore muscles in an outdoor jacuzzi, cook a delicious meal and hang your hat at one of 100 private cabins. Because life is about more than eating worms and drinking your own urine.

The resort will also have mountain-biking trails, rock climbing and ziplining, and you’ll leave with the survival skills to combat any of the accidents that can befall you while participating in those activities.