Action | February 23, 2017 9:00 am

Meet Alaska. She’ll Be Your Guide on the Motorcycle Trip of a Lifetime.

Direct that PTO this-a-way

There are two places in this world for clearing your head and getting some thinking done:

The open road and the wilderness.

Here’s a vacation that combines both of those places into a week-long motorcycle tour of Alaska’s backcountry, and does so in style.

It’s organized by the Wilderness Collective and is geared towards beginners and intermediate riders. The terrain is split 60/40 off-road to pavement, and you’ll have guides and instructors to help you as you cross streams and zigzag around Denali National Park, Talkeetna (famous mountaineering town) and Elias National Park.

alaska backcountry adventure (3 images)

Lodging out this way is pretty barebones, but you’ll eat very well because Wilderness Collective travels with chefs and puts great emphasis on soaking up quality time. All that you need to bring is your motorcycle clothes and toiletries.

The Wilderness Collective was started by a group of wanderlust filmmakers, and their trips — some two-wheeled, others four legged, all in remote locations — come with a film crew to document your travels. They edit all the footage into a movie, which you keep not only for bragging rights, but to help remind you what’s out there. 

Buy the ticket, take the ride.