Accessories | October 19, 2020 10:52 am

Deal: These SEAL-Approved EDCs Are Up to 40% Off

Woot is hosting a one-day sale on SOG multi-tools

SOG EDCs on sale at Woot
SOG's line of rather svelte multi-tools is on sale at Woot for one day
Woot / Amazon

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The pen is mightier than the blade.

But why choose? With SOG’s newest sale at Woot, you can work with your weapon of choice at 30-40% off.

A company championed by Navy SEALs, SOG’s Baton Q1 is a rugged multi-tool that’s TSA compliant and looks like a fountain pen — and it actually has a pen, alongside scissors, a bottle opener and flathead.

SOG EDCs on sale at Woot
Woot / Amazon

There’s no blade on the Q1, but there are on the Q2 (which has a pen light) and Q4, which features a ten-bit accessory set so you can change the heads on its screwdriver.

Because this is Woot, the sale only lasts through today.