Accessories | July 30, 2020 11:56 am

Persol Debuts a New Style Just in Time for the Last Months of Summer

Give the 649s a break and try these instead

Persol Debuts a New Style Just in Time for the Last Months of Summer

You’ve probably heard this numerous times over the past week as July comes to a close, but we’ll say it once more just for good measure — it’s hard to believe it’s nearly August already. Once again, the concept of time continues to surprise and amaze us. But there’s still a good month or two left to enjoy, and why not work to make the best of them with Persol’s new silhouette, the PO2471S.

While you’re already more than familiar with the brand’s iconic 649s or 714s, the PO2471S is a departure from those brow-heavy silhouettes and offers a smaller, wire-frame that still manages to retain the classic vintage air integral to the brand. Available in seven colors, from Honey to Grey and classic Black, they’re the ideal option for someone looking to venture outside of their comfort zone without completely sacrificing their style in the process, all the while continuing to remain timeless. You’ll never want to take them off, even beyond the dying days of summer.

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