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  • The InsideHook Guide to Biking – New York

    Getting Around

    Cruising & Commuting

    1. Torch Apparel Helmet
    Head lights, literally. The Torch sports LED panels on the front and rear, so you're always visible.

    2. Tanner Goods Excursion Frame Bag
    #waxedcanvas #leather #holdsa13inchlaptop #fitsinthetriangle

    3. Nau Utilize Pant
    Nau’s commuter pants strike a solid balance between what works on two wheels and what works in, you know, society. 

    4. James Pearse City Cruiser
    Low maintenance, high fashion. Good for freewheelin’ or fixed-gear riding. Comfortable saddle. Leather grips. Chromoly Steel frame.

  • Road Biking


    Road Biking

    1. Assos
    The Benjamin Franklin of bike apparel. Lightweight, breathable and super flexible. Made from recycled materials.

    2. ICEdot
    Fallen and can't get up? ICEdot affixes to your helmet, geolocates your position and sounds an alarm when it detects impact. Then: relays your medical info to first responders. Heady stuff.

    3. DZR Whites
    These flexible, rugged, SPD-compatible sneaks are for the man who wants a super technical cycling shoe without actually looking like he’s, you know, wearing a super technical cycling shoe.

    4. Argonaut Cycles
    The Argonaut is a race-oriented road bike that features a fully customizable carbon fiber frame. Everything's designed just for you.

  • Mountain Biking

    1. ACRE Hauser 10L
    Holds ten liters of water. Weather-safe, comfortable and handsome.

    2. Troy Lee A1 Helmet
    Lightweight, breathable, and can withstand the messiest Gallagher-like blows. 

    3. Molpha Tool Roll
    #Handmade #Tools #BePrepared 

    4. Kona Cromoly Butted Honzo
    This all-mountain/trail bike hybrid features some unique design choices (no front derailleur, super short chainstays, low bottom bracket) and a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Leisure Ride

    Santa Monica to Playa Vista

    StartGet a little energy at Nekter Juice Bar, just a few blocks from the Pier. The Date Nut smoothie has cashews and bananas for energy, plus some dates for your sweet tooth.

    Ride: The Marvin Braude path runs 22 miles along the beach from Torrance to the Palisades. The Santa Monica to Playa Del Rey breaks for a bit in Marina Del Rey, with a slight detour on Fiji Way.

    Eat: Playa Provisions is a foodie hub. It’s got counter service. It’s got a whiskey bar. And it’s got a patio with a stellar view of the Pacific, which is where you’ll be enjoying a cajun shrimp and crab Benedict alongside sublime pastries.


  • Work Out

    Up Mandeville Canyon

    Start: Fuel up with some yogurt and granola from Le Pain Quotidien. Read the paper and let it digest.

    Ride: Distance-wise, this seems short. Seven miles (14 RT). But it’s uphill — nearly 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Most of it winds through a gorgeous 'hood bereft of crazy drivers.

    Eat: Grab a sandwich from Roast, where the meats are braised overnight and the bread can handle the sauces. You’ve earned this.


  • Adventure

    Topanga to Calabasas

    StartJust before you hit the Topanga State Park, grab a granola bar and some water for your ride at Country Natural Food, a small store in the canyon. 

    Ride: Hop on the Eagle Rock Loop at Topanga State Park for twelve miles and more than 850 feet of elevation gain, plus unobstructed panoramic views. Wear sunscreen.

    Note: for a much longer ride, take the Eagle Rock Fire Road to Mulholland and follow it to Old Calabasas.

    Eat: Drive (or bike) over to Pedalers Fork in Calabasas for plates of fruit and veggies plucked from nearby farms. They can also patch up your busted ride at their bicycle repair shop in the back.