Not all faces are created equal.

Some men have square faces. Some men have round faces. Some men are Brad Pitt.

The key to choosing a flattering pair of shades?

Knowing which face shape you have and pairing it with a frame that’ll highlight your strengths accordingly. Herein: a little rhyme and reason to get you started with an assist from our friends at Ralph Lauren.

And don’t forget the rule no. 1 rule of pulling off any pair of shades:

Wear with confidence.

Strong jaw. Strong brow. Classic masculine lines — think Brando, Dean, Wayne. What you don’t need are more angles. What you do need are some contours to complement the ones you already have. Best bet: the Racing Pilot from Ralph Lauren's Automotive Collection.

Same principle as the Squares: opt for contrast. Here, that means choosing a more rectangular frame. Wayfarers are the play. You can find a slew of them at Ralph Lauren; we like the tortoiseshell Retro by Polo.

Congratulations. You hit the face-shape lottery. When it comes to choosing frames, you are AB+. The universal recipient. What that means: you can — and should — live a little. Boldly go where men with wider and more angular faces cannot. Our pick from RL: this elegant, rounded keyhole number from Purple Label.

Basically, this means your face narrows as it moves from a prominent brow to a more staccato chin. Bulky frames — whether round or square — will make you look a bit childish. You want a pair of shades mimic the shape of your face and elongate its profile, like this classic aviator