With Friends ...

Chicago Yacht Works (Partner)
Trade the sails in for some single-engine power with Chicago Yacht Works. Take a class. Learn your way around a Zar. It’s basically a vacation on the water. Then take one out for a spin and anchor down for the view. If you’ve got your sights on the Playpen, this is the boat you want. The fellas will thank you. All Summer Long

Illinois Obscura Society
Oddball travel site Atlas Obscura’s newly opened Illinois Chapter is hosting wackadoo excursions that'll take you down Route 66 and all over Illinois. Act fast and you can participate in "the most interesting day in the world.” Let them be your guiding star to all things weird this summer. All Summer Long

Grab a Game
Problem with joining a summer sports league: time commitment. That’s why there’s Grab a Game. It’s basically Tinder for pick-up games. Softball, basketball, even “suburban soccer,” whatever that means. Round up the team and get out there. All Summer Long

With Your Plus One ...

Mamby on the Beach
What’s the point of having beaches when you can’t throw music festivals on them? The crew behind Mamby on the Beach get it. Lineup highlights include Passion Pit, Royksopp and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). VIP tickets means access to the water. June 11-12

Call it an alternative to the typical summer backyard party. Just follow the flashing lights into the alleys. You’ll be surprised what you find there. All Summer Long

Millennium Park Film Series
So many good movies this summer. Except for maybe Drumline. Yeah, skip Drumline. All Summer Long

With the Youngsters ...

The 606
The wait's finally over. Talking three miles of elevated green corridor to explore with ground-level parks acting as entry points every few blocks. You’ll wanna be there for opening weekend, June 6-7. All Summer Long

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities
Coming to a blue-and-yellow big top near you, the return of Cirque de Soleil. The production’s called Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, and trust the kids will love all the wunderkammer. Acrobats and aerialists; clowns to contortionists — all set in a wondrous Steampunk-y universe. Opens August 6th

Cook County Camping
For the first time in decades, Cook County forest preserves are open for camping. Pack up the tent. Ready your fishing rods. Brush up on your knots. Reconvening with nature just got a whole lot more convenient. All Summer Long


Yes, you really have to.

InsideHook: Hat or sunscreen?
Dr. Julia Tzu, Wall Street Dermatology: “Both” is preferable.

IH: Can you just give me an SPF number to aim for?
JT: SPF 30. For activities, I suggest SPF 50, combined with physical protection such as broad-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothing.

IH: Is 90 really better than 70?
JT: Any number above SPF 50 is not really worthwhile. SPF 30 blocks out 97% of UVB radiation.

IH: Do I really need to reapply?
JT: Yes. Every two hours, especially at outdoor events.

IH: Is a pricier sunscreen really better?
JT: For my face, I prefer to use a slightly more pricey sunscreen for its aesthetic benefits (ease and smoothness of application). For the body, I'd purchase a mid-price sunscreen.

IH: Does a "sport" sunscreen really make a difference?
JT: Sport sunscreens usually have a higher SPF and have a water resistance of 80 minutes. Your daily sunscreen may have a water resistance of 40 minutes.