Fitbits, Apple Watches, Jawbones — activity trackers abound, gents.

And they're no longer limited to your wrist space.

The new wave of wearables attach to your favorite sports implements (racquets, boards, clubs, etc.) to give you real-time feedback on your form and efficiency.

Here are six that'll come in handy this summer:

Oakley Jawbreaker
First rule of Oakley's new cyclist-friendly shades: keep your eyes on the road. Co-developed with pro rider Mark Cavendish, the Jawbreaker is optimized for maximum clarity and range of vision, highlighting even the smallest inconsistencies on your track.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor
This slick piece of tracking tech from Sony attaches to the bottom of your racket and does wonders for your swing. Records data like point-of-impact and ball speed in real-time, and can even detect your swing type. You're gonna love it.

94Fifty Basketball
Dial in some consistency with your shot and ballhandling. Real-time results. It’ll be like practicing with Coach Thibs. This’ll cut a few years off of practice in your game.

Game Golf
Golf is a game of insights. And with Game Golf, expect PGA-like insights. Average drive. Putts per hole. How to regard that tee. This is also the fastest way to improve your short game.

Trace for Surfing
Developed in L.A. by a rocket scientist, Trace is a Reese's Cup-sized device that attaches to your surfboard to measure speed, distance and air-time.

Adidas Smart Ball
The soccer pitch just got a whole lot smaller. MiCoach Smart Ball’s sensor construction allows you to focus on striking the ball so it bends exactly the way you want. Kick power. Kicking trajectory. Tricks and tips. Conditioning, however ...