Summer is definitively not a season for sitting on one's ass.

Unless that ass is perched atop a bike saddle, canoe bench or other seat from which one can navigate a vehicle through space and time.

Herewith: eight new means of transport to ferry you about your adventures this summer, from a surfer-approved golf-cart alternative to a hog designed by Keanu Reeves to JFK's sailboat.

Ride on.

Scrapdog Skateboards | $220

Based in SF, Scrap Dog Skateboards handcrafts premium hardwood boards from up-cycled maple, oak and walnut. For the sophisticated skater.

Next Canoe | $1,000

The Next by Old Town is a fiberglass canoe/kayak hybrid that combines the carrying capacity of the former with the rugged open-water individualism of the latter. The flashy colorways are sure to turn heads as well.

SipaBoards Inflatable SUP | $1530

Every man should carry a paddleboard in his trunk. Problem: paddleboards do not fit in trunks. Solution: SipaBoards, collapsible, self-inflating SUPs that can do up to 2 knots (2.3 MPH) against the current via a wirelessly controlled motor in the paddle.

Golfboard | $6500

Bringing a bit of youthful swagger to the gentleman’s game: the Laird-Hamilton endorsed GolfBoard, a motorized skateboard that transports bag and player down the fairway on four 4” turf tires. Speeds up pace of play and provides a solid leg workout you won’t get riding in a cart.

Audi Sport Racing Bike | $20k

Not for the faint of heart or billfold, this $20k elite racing bike from Audi features a rigid carbon frame that weighs in at a featherweight 12.8 lbs. With a seat covered in Audi R8 fine nappa leather, the bike is likely to make Audi drivers feel right at home. Only 50 will be made, so act fast.

Classic Ford Broncos | $20-70k

Nothing beats the classics. Especially when those classics have been retooled with Mustang engines. Introducing: Classic Ford Broncos, the new one-stop service dedicated to fully restoring and kitting out our favorite 4x4 of yore. Five-liter Coyote engine, custom paint jobs, Bluetooth audio — you name it, they do it.

Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 | $78k

If you are an asiring motorcyclist looking for The One, then Arch Motorcycle Company — cofounded by Keanu Reeves — has got your back. The KGRT-1 does not disappoint. Streamlined billet aluminum design. Propietary T124 twin cam engine. Made in America. Hop on, Mr. Anderson.

Flash II | $305k

Yes, JFK's sailboat. Call it Sail Force One. Now available at auction, Flash II was built in 1929, purchased by the Kennedy family in 1934, and raced up and down the Atlantic Coast by JFK and older brother Joseph for nearly a decade after. Painstakingly restored by its previous owner, this 22' sloop is in pristine condition and ready to hit the open water.