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Where's your favorite place in Chicago to ...

Cool off? Being able to walk to Black Dog Gelato was a major selling point when we bought our home in Ukrainian Village. My favorite's their Goat Cheese Caramel Cashew. Blood orange is good, too.

Have a rooftop cocktail? Homestead on the Roof when I want to impress someone with a nice farm-to-table plate. But really, I’d rather go to Gene’s for a sausage and a beer.

Catch a show? Anything at Millennium Park. I’ll sit through at least the first couple of songs at any concert. Bring a picnic and your friends can meet you, and if they don’t, who cares — you’re out enjoying the lawn. 

People watch? City street fests like West Fest. Do-Division brings out a weird flock of people, too.

Get brunch? I teach on Sundays, so I never get to brunch. But I like the Breakfast Club in the West Loop. They’ve got a patio in the summer. Get the biscuits and gravy.

Get a tan? Nope, don’t tan. Having spent the majority of my life in South Florida, I’m adverse to all things tanning.

View public murals? Pilsen has a great respect for the art on its walls. It’s not just graffiti or vandalism. People treat it as art and the neighborhood actually makes space for it.

Get away from it all? The Art Institute. If it’s too busy, I hide in one of the outdoor sculpture gardens. There’s one by the Modern Wing. Or you can dip into the little garden off Michigan Ave., find a shaded area and collect your thoughts.

Soren Buchanan is a urban-exploring yoga artiste. You may have noticed that she also has a thing for street art. She lives in the Ukrainian Village and teaches yoga at The Lab in the West Loop. She is no one's "spiritual advisor” except her own.

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