The problem: How does a man keep his drink cold as the weather grows warmer?

The solution: Freeze the drink.

So we made a map that will lead you, Goonies style, to seven such drinks.

A. Tic Tac Taxi | Lost Lake
Coconut. Passionfruit. Lime. Aged Multi-Island Rum. Aged Jamaican Rum. Served in a coconut cup or frozen pineapple (you want the frozen pineapple). 3154 W. Diversey (map)

B. Negroni Slushy | Parson’s Chicken & Fish
Summer ain’t summer without one. Also available in slushy form: the Dark and Stormy, and our new favorite: Purple Drink. Don’t ask what's in it, just get it. 2952 W. Armitage (map)

C. Sporting Snow Cones | Sportsman’s Club
Available all summer: the Sporting Julep, a lip-smacking frozen treat of bourbon, Branca Menta, Letherbee Besk and mint. Ask your friendly barkeep for the rotating daily selection. 948 N. Western (map)

D. Mango Lassi | Pub Royale
Spiked mango lassis. Served here. We needn’t say more. 2049 W. Division (map)

Ants on a Log | Mott St.
The best way to enjoy Mott St.’s patio? Shaved ice topped with Lambrusco, celery syrup and basil seeds. 1401 N. Ashland Ave. (map)

F. Frozen Sangria | Oak + Char
Sundays are now Sangria Sundays. As in pitchers of frozen sangrias on Oak + Char’s sidewalk patio. 217 W. Huron St. (map)

G. Frozen Mescal Mule | 
Henry’s Swing Club
Slushy machine, meet Mescal Mule. Mescal Mule, slushy machine. 18 W. Hubbard St. (map)