1. Keep it deconstructed: the first thing you should be looking for in a summer suit is a lightweight jacket with minimal padding and a partial lining at most (take it away, Ted Baker). Key for temp control.

2. Go blended: linen is great but it wrinkles like crazy. Look for a linen blend with some cotton, silk, or even wool in there as well.

3. Inject some color: cobalt blue is a solid summer jam and pairs well with a variety of shirt and tie kits. White also plays as a backdrop for shirts/ties that pop, provided it's got some personality (look to our Spring Style Issue for guidance).

4. Go sockless (but not really): you want to show ankle, but not ruin the kicks. We've tested many, and HOOK & ALBERT's colorful no-show numbers have emerged the loafer sock winners.

5. Rock the tassel loafer: look for a nice basket weave (like these from Johnston & Murphy). Casual meets refined – it's like the Bahamian lawyer of dress shoes.

6. Show some floral, baby: be it shirt (Grand Frank reigns supreme), tie (J.Crew's got you covered here), or even blazer (leave it to the bon vivants over at Moods of Norway), now's the time – if not summer, then when?

7. Throw on a tee: or hell, even a tank. Great marriage of smart and casual. 

8. Embrace the hat: it's a bold look, but it keeps the sun out of your eyes and kills if executed properly.

9. Grab your knits n' wovens: sounds like cold weather gear, but it ain't – we're talkin' knits for your ties, wovens for your belts. Texture for the win.

10. Step into sneakers: never does the sneaker-and-suit combo work better than during the warmer months. Clean and simple is easiest, like the new churched up K-Swiss collab with southern gent Billy Reid.

The holiday wedding falls into the same bucket as shotgun affairs or nuptials on a foreign continent: there is an unspoken shift in social expectation.

If you’re in the thing, yes. You still have to go.

Unless you have kids, in which case, leverage them and skip it.

Otherwise, your only responsibility is to make up a plausible excuse – no need to hurt any feelings here if it can be avoided.

Hell, there’s a chance they picked the holiday specifically to eliminate on-the-fencers such as yourself.

You may very well be doing them a favor.

Pat yourself on the back.