Gentlemen, you're having a lot of sex. Kudos.

San Francisco, you're all bumping like Thumper. LA, you're painfully aware of being single. NY, you're doing fine. And Chicago, you're the most likely to be satisfied with how often (and well) you put the hot dog in the bun.

Those facts, and more, are in our First Annual Male Sex Survey Results.

Three weeks ago we asked you to answer a few questions. More than 10,000 of you responded.

Like you, we wanted to know: What's normal these days?

How much sex are American men having now, and when, and with whom?

We asked about porn. We asked about your deal breakers. We asked about your package. Then we tabulated the results, and cross-referenced them by where you live.

The results are informative, entertaining and — lest we forget — very safe for work.

Happy reading.